Friday, May 30, 2014

May Photo Project: Flowers

This month's photo theme was flowers, and y'all captured some beauties. I took a photo of the peonies I treated myself too since they are one of my favorites. Here's what you shared:

Sally put together this collage of beautiful blooms in the French village where she spends her summers.

Daina's photo of the tulips in Rockefeller Center makes me miss New York.

Brittany shared a photo of these adorable pansies from the Orono Farmer's Market in Maine.

Lisa took this photo while arranging a Mother's Day bouquet.

Jessica captured a bee hard at work in the Ault Park gardens in Cincinnati.

And my mom snapped a pic of the ginger flowers blooming in her backyard in Savannah.

If you want to share one of your flower photos, just leave a link below! As always, thanks for sharing your pictures! Have a great weekend!


  1. Excited those gingers got to the blog too!

  2. Wow your mom's ginger flowers are amazing !! Thanks for sharing so many pretty flowers & mine too :0)

  3. Summers in a french village? Ahh. Sounds beautiful! Love these photos! And I love photographing flowers! Totally forgot this month! Linking up now!!

  4. ah this was a good one- i missed out! I love Lisa's - pretty composition.



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