Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend in Photos

One of the good things about house hunting is that it's given us a reason to get out and explore different neighborhoods in Austin. While most of our time is spent driving around and touring houses, we do feel like we're learning the city faster than we would have, and we happen to find great restaurants along the way. On Friday, we had the most delicious pizza at Bufalina, and for dessert, olive oil cake with a scoop of cornflake ice cream. The rest of the weekend was filled with a coffee date, a walk through Zilker Park before dark and our latest tradition of post-church tacos.


  1. I always enjoy your weekend in photos series. I need to be better about taking photos on the weekends...

    Have you had pizza at Home Slice yet? So good! And they have the BEST and softest tshirts for sale.

    1. I love Home Slice! And now I'll have to buy (or feel) their t-shirts. :)

  2. We love soft tshirts better head there next soho

  3. Ohhh I can't wait to house hunt! It always sounds so fun (and stressful) (but mostly fun). Coffee, oh be still my heart. I love this series of yours!



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