Monday, April 21, 2008

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

I'll be the first to admit that yellow is not a wearable color for everyone, including myself, but it sure is flattering on feet. A bright pop of color brings life to any outfit, and what could be more summery? Piperlime is a great resource when searching for shoes in yellow or any color you like. A few of my golden favorites are these Kenneth Cole flats, these Ralph Lauren pumps and these rain boots by Chinese Laundry.


  1. Those flats are so freakin' cute! Only problem is I always buy shoes like this and have NOTHING to go with them--meaning I have to buy a whole new outfit....le sigh, it's so tough... :-)

  2. i have a pair of yellow shoes and i love them! they really go with everything because they are the outfit. just make sure you don't throw too much color on the rest of your body- you'll throw off the feng shway.

  3. Time for me to get less matchy-matchy and bust out for some yellow shoes. Although for Seattle - probably the boots would get more wear!

  4. super cute. a girl from my church just got married and all the bridesmaids wore blue dresses and yellow heels. i still prefer hot pink shoes myself, but sassy nonetheless.

  5. Piper Lime has those cute button open toe shoes and because they are so cute I had to get them, they are very flat.... but quite stylish.



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