Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daily Dish

While shopping in Savannah, my eyes fell on some charming dish towels that featured drawings of the city's sights. I found out that DSCdesigns, located in Charleston, South Carolina, places their illustrated cityscapes on plates, mugs, pitchers, dish towels and more, and Savannah is only one of their featured designs. They have also created products centered around Boston, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Charleston and more. The homeware can be found in gift shops throughout the cities that provide its inspiration.


  1. Those are so darling! I'll have to check out how many cities they do - it would be fun to collect them.

  2. These are lovely--beautiful line quality to the artwork!

  3. I have the pink one! I love these towels, especially the ones from NY.

  4. i could do that and i have! oh, all the things i could make money off of but am waiting for the time. but if i do it will you write about it, soho!?

  5. Hi ladies: Glad you all enjoyed this find! I'm a big fan.

    Nora: You could totally do this, and of course, I'll write about you. I'm your biggest fan ;)



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