Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eco Chic

Because it's Earth Day and because my favorite vegan/hippie/bohemian friend is paying me a visit all the way from Brooklyn, I felt it my duty to share some of my favorite eco-friendly products out on the market right now. Green items have definitely entered the mainstream and with suppliers ranging from Stella McCartney to Target, it's easy to find products that suit your price range and taste. Here are just five examples of ways you can help the planet in style.

5. CB2 is selling bold, striped bedding that is made with cotton and planet-friendly dyes.

4. One of my favorite finds for its sheer quirkiness and innovation is the recycled flip flop door mat. The colorful mats are constructed from metal wire and foam rubber flip flop scraps that would normally end up in a landfill.

3. Made from vintage automobile and furniture upholstery, Kim White Handbags bring new life to old fabrics.

2. I am loving this pitcher and its matching glasses from Crate and Barrel. Made from 100 percent recycled glass, the color and look are perfect for lazy, lemonade-filled summer days.

1. These glass hoop earrings are made from recycled coke bottles, so go ahead and quench your thirst for fashion.


  1. SoHo--- I have a question. I was refilling my plastic water bottle and the water was running to get cool, is it worse to waste water or waste the plastic? I know the tap water is better for your teeth. Land fill or water storage?

  2. Here's my solution...Why don't you invest in a pitcher with a water filter? I use a Brita. That way you always have cold, purified water waiting in the refrigerator. No wasted water and no wasted plastic.

  3. i love the glass pitcher, too. perfect for my upcoming cinco de mayo sangia y margaritas party! (time & location tbd).



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