Monday, September 8, 2008

Wedding Belles

Engagement and wedding related posts have been an unexpected focus as of late. And to cap it all off, I'd like to point out an especially beautiful wedding blog called Southern Weddings. With inspiring photos, you get a detailed look at some stunning weddings. Ideas for invitations, food, flowers and those important personal touches can translate beyond the wedding world and are helpful for all kinds of entertaining. If you're looking for some bridal inspiration, here's a particular southern wedding I can't help but recommend.


  1. A magical event - awesome photos!
    But no photo can come close to the true spirit present: the love of the bride & groom for each other,their families & the best group of friends anyone could hope for..........many blessings.

  2. By far the chicist wedding EVER! I mean not only was it elegant and modern, but who could help but loving the bride and groom!

  3. freaking rad to have the article in sw! congrats! and how about that beautiful bridal party? can you introduce me? :)

    such an incredible wedding - one of my most favorite memories!

  4. So pretty! I love seeing all the pictures together like that. What an amazing day...



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