Friday, January 10, 2014

You with the Stars in Your Eyes

While we were down South over Christmas, we basked in the fact that we could actually see stars in the sky. It's something we miss living in New York City. Jonah bought an app on his phone called Sky Guide, while we were walking around Charleston one night. It pinpoints your location, and you just hold the phone up toward the sky and let it map out the stars overhead. We instantly felt smarter pointing out Jupiter and different constellations. $1.99 well spent. Hope you have a great weekend, stargazers!

[photo by: Manzeck Photography]


  1. I live in Sydney, Australia, so I feel your pain about not seeing stars at night. I travel a lot, and the most amazing experience I've had was in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, lying on the sand staring up into the sky. There wasn't an ounce of light pollution, and the stars were so bright they lit up the entire camp. It was beyond amazing.

  2. Yes, when one can see the stars without any other light it is truly amazingly beautiful.It is sad that we have gotten used to not seeing them. Cool app though.

  3. I live to see the stars. Really puts me in my place, no matter what.

  4. "The stars at night are big and bright.....deep in the heart of Texas"

  5. Yes! I have actually used that app!! It is awesome!!

  6. My Dad is an amateur astronomer and is trying to get my husband and I to buy our next house so that he has a south facing sky to build an observatory! Lol! We would'nt be able to handle not seeing the stars!!!




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