Friday, November 11, 2011

Thoughts of the Week

I am really under-utilizing the scarf.

Snow is best appreciated when the sun is out.

I should stand in front of prettier things.

Remember elementary school Thanksgiving crafts? I miss those.

I have a case of nostalgia/wanderlust thanks to Rachel's Seattle guide.

Color-coordinated cards and gifts make birthdays better

My hands want to wear these mittens.

Let's all go on a Flannery O'Connor-inspired pilgrimage.

And pick wildflowers along the way.

The world's prettiest sorbet should be eaten from the world's prettiest glasses.

Happy Friday, friends! Enter this week's giveaway if you haven't yet. I'm headed to the Hudson Valley tonight for a little weekend getaway! What are your plans?


  1. we headed out of the city last weekend and ended up at bear mountain. have a fun get away!

  2. I made thanksgiving crafts with the kiddo this week. It was so nostalgic and fun! Have a good weekend. :]

  3. I LOVE the scarf video! Thank you for posting it! I've re-posted it (and credited you and where you got it from).

  4. Well now I want a beautiful backdrop. Those are so fun!

  5. Oooh I grew up there! Specifically Rhinebeck. If you need restaurant recommendations, let me know! Can't wait to hear about your little trip- it's so gorgeous this time of year!

  6. Have the best weekend ever! Thanks for sharing all this - the scarf video made my day!

  7. I love these posts of yours. Happy Friday!! xo.

  8. that scarf video was amazing! I only wear mine two different ways, but now I want to try all the rest...

    ...and thanks so much for the link love! :)

  9. Loved the Seattle guide and those mittens are adorable! Have a good weekend!

  10. I've always wanted to visit Flannery O'Connor's home. I can't believe after all the years I've spent in Georgia that I haven't been before. It's on my bucket list though!

    And those glasses are beautiful.



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