Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What a Grind

Do you use a mortar and pestle in the kitchen? Most of the time, mine just serves as a garlic bowl, but all these pretty sets make me want to put it to use more often.

[spotted here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]


  1. My boyfriend and I had one when we lived in Connecticut last year and it's in storage while we're in Toronto BUT I loved it. Grinding all the spices together, I also used it to make bread crumbs once!

    When my grandmother visited me here in Toronto in October, she was very disappointed that I didn't have it with me haha

    I prefer the really rough kind, made of stone, that you have t clean with a brush to get all the spices out. They're so festive I think :)

  2. I have one that I've used on occasion to crush cloves, but that's about it. I love how it looks and I feel so domestic when I use it, I just don't do it often enough! :)

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

  3. I have one that's just out for decor... does that count? :) I like the slight layout change!

  4. I'm so bad–I usually just chop things with a chef's knife, but a pretty set would be divine!

  5. Thanks, Caroline! Working on fancying things up around here. :)

  6. My BF uses it all the times.. me on the other hand. I try to avoid it, it's just another thing to clean LOL. I know I know.. can you tell i'm not the chef in the house?!?

    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}
    Health & Wellness Blog

  7. I don't own one but want one. I just can't decide which to get.

  8. I actually have 2....both were gifts...great gifts...but I don't use them!! Maybe a New Years resolution? ;)

  9. Agreed. I've wanted a set for a while and, basically, I'm just too lazy to get one...and use one. Whoops. Domestication: failed.




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