Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend in Photos

The weekend always seems longer to me when we're busy and that was the case this weekend. We had a friend's potluck birthday party on Friday night and watched the Olympics opening ceremony. I brought a batch of these cookies, which I'd definitely make again. On Saturday, Jonah and I attended a cocktail-making class (more on that soon!), checked out a photography exhibit and had a fun, delicious night out at Sweet Chick and Dutch Kills with friends. Plus, some new accessories arrived in the mail, and we bought a box of cupcakes. I'm telling you, this weekend was a winner.


  1. Oh I love that handbag! Very cute.

  2. That bagel looks like such a winner.

  3. Cupcakes look delicious. Cocktail making class sounds very interesting.

  4. I'm hungry looking at that bagel!
    Dear, I too would like to send you a photo for your photo project, I'm on time?
    Ciao Sabry

  5. I first started following your blog when I lived in Connecticut and ventured into the city a few times. From there I moved to Toronto and now I'm stuck in Arkansas. You photos and stories make me miss city life more than anything.



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