Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gingerbread Village

I want to buy real estate in this gingerbread village. Created at the MUJI flagship store in Tokyo, it features 100 gingerbread houses, a commuter train and even tiny, non-edible townspeople. There's a 24-hour live feed of the village, so you can get a feel for the exciting day-to-day life in a gingerbread town.

Also, remember this adorable gingerbread townhouse?


  1. Wwwwhhhhaaattt!? This is crazy awesome!! I love love love it. Can never imagine having the skill set to do it--haha. But will certainly admire those that do!

  2. this is amazing! have you seen this one (link below)? it's a gingerbread hobbit hole :) some people are so creative...

  3. Shoko,
    That is too cute! I'll have to show my nerd husband.



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