Thursday, December 13, 2012

He Sees You When You're Sleeping

I love pajamas. Every night, I look forward to putting on, to quote Nacho Libre, my stretchy pants. There is an occasion when sleepwear seems particularly important though and that's Christmas morning. Here are a few finds to help you look your cutest and feel your coziest while drinking hot cocoa and tearing through presents.

And just a reminder the December Photo Project ends next Friday, so send all your sparkly, cozy, merry photos my way!


  1. I love pjs too. I love mens pjs- not sure why :) or at least the bottoms.

  2. oh my, these all look so comfy. pj's are at the top of my happy list, always.

  3. My sister would LOVE these! She's super into cozy sleep wear :)

  4. I love the thermal pajamas and the wide legged look so so comfy for lounging around the house. I am pretty sure I own zero pairs of pajamas, I should work on this.

  5. I'm mad for pjs–I love my J.crew sets and sleepshirts, but I usually end up stealing John's Brooks Brothers tops while he wears the bottoms!



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