Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Knit Knacks

Just looking at these items makes me want to cozy up and never leave home, especially when 23 degrees is what awaits me outside. Cover everything in sweaters I say.

[spotted here: knit vase; hot water bottle cover; knit pattern cup; knit throw; knit pattern bowl; mug cozy]

PS - The cookbook giveaway winners are...


  1. Oh I love that hot water bottle cover!!! I had a hot water bottle all growing up and always loved the array of covers I'd get as presents :)

  2. I wish I was cozied up with something knitted right now. I'm so cold today! Ahh! New York needs to warm up! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. I love your blog! Love your recipe posts & restaurant posts!

  4. Cable knit is just so wintry - it's the best!

  5. Love this–I've been sleeping with a cable knit sweater over my flannel pjs lately, and it isn't nearly so cold in SF!

  6. Oh yay! I won :) so cool!

    And totally love cable knit... It adds some great texture & intrigue.



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