Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brunching in Denver

When we were in Denver last month, we ate well, but in typical fashion, brunch was our main focus. Here are three of the spots we hit. I'd recommend each should you find yourself in the Mile-High City:

Snooze draws a big crowd, even on a Friday morning there was a 45-minute wait, but it's easy to see why: cheerfully designed, friendly service and fun spins on classic breakfast dishes. My breakfast pot pie with all that flaky puff pastry was delicious. They have several pancake varieties, so thank goodness you can order a pancake flight to sample three different kinds. Or you can sub in a piece of their OMG! French toast like my friend Nora did. Smart girl.

I think Denver Biscuit Co. was the meal I had looked forward to most, and it did not disappoint. My eyes were bigger than my stomach that morning, but I ate most of my biscuit sandwich with its housemade sausage, apple butter and fried egg, all soaked in maple syrup. But what really stole the show for me was their biscuit cinnamon roll. Hello two things that I love, you are amazing! I thought about flying back to New York with a couple of those in my carry-on.

Our last brunch stop was Jelly. The decor has a nostalgic draw. Old, classic cereal boxes line the walls, and we marveled at how small those boxes used to be. Their donut holes were a highlight, and our comfort food-style breakfasts were tasty too. Thanks for the deliciousness, Denver!


  1. Love the mugs in the first couple of photos- that would be enough for me to like the place!(I'm very shallow!)

  2. I lived in Denver about eight years ago, but don't remember any of these gems! They must be adding some great restaurants to the scene there. These places look killer!

  3. I've heard of all of these places! Every time somebody posts about a trip to Colorado, I just want to go even more. Maybe this is the year. . .

  4. Denver IS a good place to be for brunch! I'm going out Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend for my birthday - to 2 new places that are supposed to be awesome! Maybe I'll start referring to is as the Mile High Brunch City. Has a nice ring to it. ;) I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself here!

  5. I've been to Snooze! So good and cute. Have to check out the other places you mentioned.

    Denver - such a great city!

  6. Breakfast pot pie and biscuits galore? Sounds like brunch heaven to me!

  7. Brunch is definitely my favorite meal! And biscuits are hands down one of my favorite foods. Denver Biscuit Co. looks amazing! Yum!



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