Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pretend Party: Peach Perfect

A peach-themed party would be great for a birthday, a baby shower, a farewell to summer or a way to celebrate your favorite Georgian. You get a lovely, warm color palette, sweet and savory menu possibilities, and little jars of peachy goodness would make a perfect party favor.

[found here: pinata; peach tea punch; straws; tomato basil peach skewers; peach frozen yogurt; peach butter; fruit crate; individual peach cobblers; tablecloth]


  1. My mom always has a strawberry party in June. A peach party would be perfect for August!

  2. One of my favorite colors and fruits - I think I need to have a peach party!

  3. That peach tea punch with peach striped straws look perfect!

  4. the caprese peach skewers sound so good!



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