Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Neapolitan Tote Bag

Maybe I spent too much time hovering over cartons of ice cream as a kid, but I've always thought chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, all lined up just so, made a lovely color combination. So I took that Neapolitan inspiration and added a little summer fun to an otherwise basic tote bag. It's perfect for hauling goods to the beach, to the park or better yet, to an ice cream party.

You'll need:
Painter's tape
Paint brush
Fabric paint in pink, brown and white, if you need to lighten up your colors

Divide the tote bag into three equal sections with painter's tape. Line the bag in case the paint seeps through. Paint one section pink, one brown and leave the middle section unpainted. Let it dry overnight, remove tape and you're done!



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