Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend in Photos

It was one of those low-key weekends full of little pleasantries. On Saturday, I met up with Daina at the Long Island City flea market, had one of my precious Luke's lobster rolls and brought home a bag of doughnuts. It's always fun to meet a blog friend in real life, even when it's raining. Then the skies cleared, and Jonah and I headed to Brooklyn for some waterfront strolling and dinner at Pok Pok. I'm telling you, I could have one of their drinking vinegars every day, and pomegranate is where it's at. We took the East River ferry home because while it's slower than the subway, it's about a thousand times more enjoyable. And you know, sometimes you have to get outside of something to fully appreciate it.


  1. I KNOW those lobster rolls are the best! Yummy....

  2. Sounds and looks like it was bliss.
    (Chiming in with the rest... the lobster roll - omg, yum!)

  3. Your weekend posts always have me so hungry by Monday at mid-morning!



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