Monday, June 30, 2008

Feed Bag

Whole Foods Market is doing a lot of good with something as simple as a shopping bag. The grocery chain is currently selling a reusable bag known as the Feed 100 bag, and the sale of one does just that. For every purchase, 100 nutritious school meals are provided for children in Rwanda. $10 of each purchase is donated to the United Nations World Food Program, supporting the Rwanda School Feeding operation and raising awareness for world hunger. While the bag is a steep $29.99, it's a steal when you consider the great work being supported in the African nation. The bag is also eco-friendly, so you'll be helping out the planet as well as its inhabitants.


  1. yeah, i've been eyeing those, because they are pretty cool looking. lauren bush created it- Bush's neice from Houston. Yeah, we're pretty tight.
    p.s. love your 4th of July outfit!

  2. Good on Whole Foods! I knew I liked them.

    Oh yeah ... I like you too, SoHo

  3. That does it! I've been eyeing those bags too, and keep forgetting to do something about it. I like the idea that one purchase has a direct effect. I love Soho's 4th outfit too - is that pink lemonade in the glass?



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