Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shower Yourself in Style

I'm of the opinion that shower curtains are a key component of bathroom decor. There's a wide world beyond the solid colored plastic, so why not spend some time looking for something that's completely you. Styles range from educational and iconic to romantic and silly. Since shower curtains are usually a focal point of the bathroom, they can be a great starting point for choosing a color palette and bath accessories. So go bold or subtle, just pick something you like looking at every day.


  1. i LOVE our new shower curtain, it's black and white geometric floral- martha stewart for kmart. and makes our bathroom so chic!

  2. I totally 100% agree with you if you are working with a traditional shower over tub combination.
    In working with clients who want glass sliding shower doors, I try to talk them out of it in lieu of the fashionable shower curtain.

    This one is great for a girly room. My hubby would never allow.:(

  3. nora: Sounds cute! I will have to come see it!

    janna: You're so right! I much prefer a shower curtain to shower doors.



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