Tuesday, July 24, 2012


While I do love a table filled with big, tall glasses, my collection of stemless glassware keeps on growing. They're easier to store, less prone to getting broken and still pretty darn chic. CB2 is my go-to glassware shop thanks to their modern designs and low prices.


  1. i love looking through CB2, even though I don't live in NY so I can't actually buy anything. :)

  2. isn't CB2 the BEST!? i stumbled upon the soho store when i first moved to the NYC area and thought "wow... this is a COOL store!" and thought it was something new... and well, it is, but it's crate and barrel! totally didn't know that until just recently. silly me.

    we love our stemless wine glasses too. we actually use them to drink just about anything in them because they hold more than our hi-ball glasses that are supposed to be for regular everyday use...


  3. I love stemless wine glasses. I picked up some stemless champagne flutes the other day at World Market. They make me want mimosas every time I open the cabinet & see them.

  4. We received sets of both stem wine glasses and stemless for our wedding, and I have to say, I LOVE my stemless glasses. You're right, they are so much easier to handle/wash/store, and feel so modern.



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