Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Calendar Girls

So I know it's a little late to be talking about 2010 calendars, but I just flipped to March in mine and am in love with the accompanying photo. Call me a sucker for all things ballerina. The image and calendar are courtesy of Amy and Ann, a fabulous pair of food photographing bloggers and moms from Texas. Their images are so full of personality and charm. It's not too late to buy a calendar or a larger print, which might just be my next purchase.


  1. I love this image and that calendar! So precious.

  2. Very cute March pic! Kinda makes me wonder where I put my ballet slippers. I know I have them somewhere...
    I love that there are so many cool calendars out there.

  3. ohhh i love that!!
    i think its the little ballerina inside us that makes us love it. the dream of growing and dancing for the nutcracker on the big stage {my dream... ha} and the TUTUS!!!

  4. Oh I love ballerina photos too! This is cute!!! =)

  5. Cute. I want my someday-little-girls to wear tutus all the time :)



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