Thursday, March 18, 2010

Caroline in the City?

I take the bus to and from work every day. It's at least a half hour commute, providing ample time for awkward encounters. Here's what happened yesterday. One detail before we start, my name is Natalie.

Random man: Hey Caroline, how's it going?
Me: (No response)
Random man: Hey! Hey, are you Caroline?
Me: No.
Random man: Are you sure you aren't Caroline?
Me: Yes.
Random man: You do look a lot like Caroline.
Me: Oh.

Yet another reason to have a bicycle.


  1. I used to ride the bus to work...and i feel your pain.

    although it is fun to laugh at other's encounters.


  2. Oh dear! I think you should move back south, then we won't have to worry about you!

  3. haha oh goodness this is too funny!

  4. Katelyn, there are weirdos everywhere. That's what makes this country so great. ;)

  5. Oh my gosh how FUNNY! I love it! "are you sure you aren't Caroline?" Hehe :)

  6. LoL! This gave me a nice chuckle. We don't have a bus system (too small of a town) but when I was in Italy we rode the trains and there were definitely some characters on board!

  7. Haha I work downtown and get approached with all sorts of stuff when walking around. It makes me never want to leave my office!

  8. Hahaha, this made me giggle. Oh, random encounters with strange men :)

  9. From one Natalie to another...that story made me giggle. :)

  10. funny! I had a guy try to fall asleep on my shoulder once while I was riding the bus...ugh!

  11. haha! I take the bus everyday too and ohhhh the adventures on Metro. Always something!

  12. A guy once started talking to me on the subway and said "sweetie what's your name?" so I said "Lauren" and he goes "no! NO! you ain't no Lauren! you know you don't look like no lauren!" and it was quite the awkward moment.

    Gotta love NY:)

  13. hahaha- this is priceless. Maybe you do look like a Caroline, are you sure you aren't her? :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. So very strange! I love how you had to insist you weren't Caroline several times before he took your word. It's like he was waiting for your to change your mind...

  15. Ha! As a fellow Seattle bus rider, I so enjoyed to hear of your random encounter. I once had a man spontaneously compose a poem to me, entitle "My White Queen." It was before 8AM and he smelled like Old English Malt Liquor. It did make me feel very special though....



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