Monday, March 24, 2008

Flirty Laundry

There's nothing remotely appealing about hauling loads of laundry to the washing machine and from the dryer, but there are a few products that will add a little cheer to the tedious, time-consuming chore. First off, this lovely, fabric hamper looks like it's worthy of much more than dirty clothes. The ruffled, cotton bag holds two to three loads of clothes, and the design is practically romantic. For the actual washing, try Maggie’s Soap Nuts. That's right, soap nuts. They're a natural detergent produced from the fruit of the Chinese soapberry tree, perfect for sensitive skin and just about any kind of fabric. Once the natural soaps have run their course, they can be used as compost. And when it's time for drying, opt for Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets. They're designed to reduce drying time and soften fabrics, and they're reusable.


  1. i want to try out those dryer balls. i always have to put my towels in for more time and maybe those would help.

  2. I'm loving the bag for laundry. It looks like a petty coat or a fancy cocktail dress.Very nice! That was an interesting post about the soapberry nuts! Is the soap in them strong enough to take out all kinds of soiling on clothes? Very cool, and very green!

  3. Glad you both enjoyed the finds! Those soapberry nuts are supposed to be pretty powerful. They've been used to clean for thousand of years.



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