Thursday, March 6, 2008

Friendly Fashion

Last night's Project Runway finale left me hankering for more pretty dresses, so today I went browsing online for some looks I can actually wear (and afford). This two tone dress from Built by Wendy is fresh and crisp, and I'm always a sucker for that black and white contrast. I also found a sweet jersey frock at Anthropologie with a bow and bubble skirt that just scream feminine. Finally, this geometric patterned dress from Banana Republic is clean and simple and would ease the transition from day to evening. These dresses might not put you on the runway, but they'll serve you well in reality.

What are your favorite looks for spring?


  1. i love anything i can just throw on with little leather sandals. anything low maintenance and carefree! you should check out kinda pricey but cute ideas for outfit combinations. and sister of jcrew.

  2. I like their clothes! Thanks Miss Nora.



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