Monday, March 10, 2008

Fro Yo

It was a cold and wet Seattle day, but the call of frozen yogurt was strong. I stopped in at Seattle's newest Pinkberry imitator, Mooberry. In case you haven't heard or tasted, frozen yogurt has undergone a recent makeover. It's now healthier and has a tarter flavor because the sugar content is lower. The latest innovation tastes more like actual, non-frozen yogurt rather than the soft serve ice cream taste we've all come to know and love (this means you, Tasti D). Pinkberry started the U.S. craze with its California and New York locations, and now imitators are popping up throughout the country. Flavors are simple and typically include plain, coffee, strawberry and green tea. For me, the toppings are the real draw: lots of fresh fruit, nuts and a fine selection of sugary kids' cereals that lure you in with their nostalgic charm. On my visit, I opted for the coffee flavor with Cocoa Pebbles. The yogurt has a great consistency and just enough sweetness to ensure you finish the whole thing. But I have to admit, if the tart yogurt bubble ever bursts, I'm happy to let a sprinkle-covered chocolate and vanilla swirl catch my fall.


  1. i'm such an ice cream fan i don't see why frozen yogurt needs to exist. is it really that less fattening? maybe i'll go check somewhere on the interweb.

  2. Anything that looks like ice cream is my favorite! Something about that taste and texture always put a smile on my face. I keep adding to my list of new places to try - you keep doing all the research for me!

  3. Nora: Just go ahead and eat ice cream. You're too skinny.

    PJ: I'll have to take you to Mooberry, so you can try it.

    Ashley: As my Tasti D eating partner, I knew you would appreciate this.

  4. You need to try utopia frozen yogurt at the Uwajimaya Foodcourt. It's made with nonfat greek yogurt and it's delicious!

  5. i'm SO addicted to it. They have been slow to move this type of yogurt down south (we even thought about opening a store) so we have resorted to trying to make it at home!
    But there is one where my fam lives in Charlotte and it's so addictive:
    i get tart with strawberries and granola.
    i used to only get strawberries and fruity pebbles! :)



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