Friday, March 7, 2008

Instrumental Design

I don't play any musical instrument exceptionally well or often, but I like to have them around when the mood strikes. In the meantime, they can serve another creative purpose through interior design. My saxophone case is currently acting as a bedside table, and my new guitar just happens to complement the bookcase in the living room.
I think there's something very pleasant and inviting about an instrument out in the open. They essentially serve as functional art, bringing about music-related conversation and impromptu concerts when guests are over. So if that trumpet you played in middle school is just lying under the bed gathering dust, drag it out and stick it on the mantel.


  1. instruments are like my art tools- i'll never use them unless they are out in the open, ready to pick up and use! I totally agree with you! I should lay all my harmonicas out, they would make a fun display on a shelf and be easy to grab.

  2. Kid- I like this new guitar and it sits perfectly there, accenting the room with color and sound! You should consider taking the sax out of the nightstand case and hanging the sax on the wall for more art and sound, we should have already thought of this....



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