Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cookin' & Lookin' Good

Every hostess knows she must dress to impress when entertaining, but cooking can get especially un-cute. I'm often found with wet handprints on my jeans, flour dusted across my black shirt, and my hair messily pulled back, all for the sake of getting a meal on the table. But there's an easy way to cover it all up, or at least, detract from it. Just tie on an apron by Jessie Steele and voila! You'll be the chicest chef in the kitchen. Jessie and her daughter Claire have created a vintage-inspired line of aprons using flattering, feminine shapes and classic fabrics. Available online and at stores across the country, the stylish cover-ups will easily take you from preheating the oven to opening the door as your guests arrive.


  1. I forgot how much fun aprons are! My sister and I would always wear them when we were growing up and I don't know why I don't now.

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  3. Big Daddy and I were just given hand painted aprons that just fit our personalities and this blog.
    I can't help but think they will keep us cute and cool, instead of getting the "hostess hots" as Mary Ann would say!

  4. I love Jessie Steele Aprons!!!! They have them at Metropolitan Market! My favorite one is the cupcake pattern.



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