Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scout Out Some Cookies

Today marks the 96th anniversary of the first ever Girl Scout troop meeting. As all former Girl Scouts (not me, I didn't make it past Daisy) know, Juliette Gordon Low founded the organization at her home in Savannah, Georgia, in 1912. That's interesting and all, but I'm not here to talk about history or even merit badges, I'm here for something much more important...cookies.
Every year the uniformed girls flood neighborhoods bringing with them boxes of pure goodness. Each type of cookie is unique, and everyone has their favorite. While I was raised in a thin mint-only household (I have no idea why this cruelty was inflicted), my cookie world view changed substantially when a college roommate received a care package containing do-si-dos and samoas, my current favorite. Now there are even more choices, including sugar-free chocolate chip and lemon chalet cremes. Those girls know how to run an operation.
Sale dates vary throughout the country, so if the Girl Scouts have not yet graced your neighborhood with their presence, check their Web site for information. And if you're really desperate, there's always eBay.

Which cookie do you crave? And honestly, how many boxes of them do you eat?


  1. Well, it just doesn't get any better than a frozen thin mint, so we just blew the cookie budget on thin mints so we could have them in the freezer all year long. Long live the thin mint.

  2. Um... so i'm addicted to the samoas. I'm pretty sure I could eat the whole package in one setting. Sick I know. Can't say that about any other cookie though. Did you know they have a Girl Scout Samoan cookie Ice cream! Oh the goodness! I also like the lemon ones they have now :)

  3. my favorite, hands down- always has been always will be- are the carmel delights. i know they go by another name but that's what they call them in houston. they are the second picture you put up- and i think i eat about 2 boxes but would eat more if given the chance.

  4. Well, let me tell you how angry I was to find an empty box of Samoas in the freezer earlier this week! Empty!! My husband thought that little trick would be funny!! I was not happy! I thought for sure he was hiding them from me, but no, he ate them all!! Jerk! :) Those are by far my favorite.

    Thin Mints are a close second and I also put those in the freezer!

  5. mimi: I'll always love thin mints, especially frozen ones.

    twinklebee: I'm totally with you on the samoas addiction. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them. I have had the samoa ice cream, and it too is fantastic.

    nora: Some call them samoas and some call them caramel delights, but we'll just call them delicious. Two boxes sounds about right for me too.

    cupcake monkey: That is the meanest trick I've ever heard! He owes you some cookies!

    Looks like samoas are the favorite! I couldn't agree more.

  6. Your blog has me captured. I have made the brownies, made the chocolate pots, eaten the rolls big daddy makes and NOW I just took the last box of thin mints out of the freezer and chowed down, after a year! Thank goodness it is GS cookie season again and I can replenish the stock.

  7. Yay for the cookie shout out! My mom will be so happy!! Also, turns out my girl scout neighbor decided to quit girls scouts this year... I ran around a catholic school looking for girl scout cookies a couple weeks ago I was so desperate! Luckily, a paint shop I frequent was selling them. This is a silly time of year...

  8. Well for a trip down memory lane, I used to sell GS cookies when they were only 50cents a box, and the only flavor was shortbread. Somehow the shortbread has a sentimental appeal to me, but I'm definitely drawn to the thin mint -mint and chocolate are unbeatable.

  9. I love Samoas so much, my parents AND my boyfriend's parents bought me some when they saw the Girl Scouts selling cookies :)

  10. Haha, I'm still a lifetime Girl Scout - I used to sell cookies with the best of 'em! Samoas were my first favorite, but I think it changes every few years or so. Mmm....cookies!



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