Monday, March 31, 2008

Foot Flair

Flat footwear is a trend I don't think I'll ever say goodbye to. Ballet flats are comfy, cute and vital if you live in a walking city. Old Navy currently has a colorful collection that is steeply discounted, just $11.70 a pair. With the bold patterns and bright colors of their paisley, floral and geometric designs, these satin shoes are perfect for spicing up jeans and a plain shirt.


  1. Soho- I love these types of shoes but I always end up with a big blister on the back of my ankle. What can I do to stop this?!? Do I just suck it up in the name of style?

  2. Great question, Amy! I used to have the same problem all the time. I suggest buying some heel liners. You'll find them with the other foot care items at any drugstore. I've found they work great, but they do make shoes a little tighter, so you may want to consider going a half a size larger next time you buy flats.

  3. I LOVE FLATS! i'll be wearing flats and skinny pants for the rest of my life. there is something very audrey hepburn about the combo. and i own a pair of old navy flats and i am wearing them at this very instant!



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