Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Day Music

Mother's Day is in just over a week, and I think this little hand crank music box from Kikkerland Design would make for a sweet gift. I suppose it should be called a music box without the box. I bought myself one a few weeks ago. It's a sweet little token to crank up every so often. There are lots of song options, so you can choose one that's special to your mom. I like the idea of taking it out of it's packaging, so she won't know what the song is until she turns the handle. And then she'll burst into tears moved by the thoughtfulness and creativity of her perfect child. Don't hold me to that last part.


  1. Sounds perfect -do I get one?

  2. That's neat! She can't tell you Christy! It won't be a suprise!:) A.Kathy

  3. That's a sweet idea for a mommy's day gift! Have a good weekend!

  4. Hand crank music boxes are so charming and sweet. What a wonderful gift idea.



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