Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend in Photos

It felt like summer hit New York this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful here, so we welcomed it, mojitos in hand. I baked a cake and took a painting class, more on both of those later this week. We went out for dinner in the East Village at Mono+Mono. Korean fried chicken and Frank Sinatra may just be my new favorite combination. The food and cocktails were tasty, the space was swanky and spacious, and the music put me in a good mood immediately. Plus, my favorite soft-serve is just three blocks away. And yesterday, we called our moms and both of them loved the little gifts we sent.


  1. that ice cream looks fantastic!

  2. Looks like fun...and a mojito sounds great in this heat!


  3. A beautiful weekend as always. Glad your moms loved your gifts!

  4. The tiny crank music box is perfect . It plays Moon River so Savannah & so Breakfast at Tiffanys. Thank you I can't stop playing it/playing with it.

  5. What a perfect weekend–and a divine cone! I haven't had soft serve in far too long!

  6. Is that a mojito I see? We made some this weekend too!!!



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