Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bee Sweet

I have nothing against the little, plastic bear, but this presentation of honey is positively elegant. Made by Savannah Bee Company, this sleek bottle of golden goodness makes honey seem like a true art form or at least, a great house-warming gift. Savannah Bee's varieties include black sage, orange blossom, raspberry and the classic tupelo -- flavors which are determined by the nectar the bees gather.
I'm quite fond of the natural sweetener. I often use honey in marinades, I like it in tea, and I love mixing it with softened butter and spreading it over warm toast. Savannah Bee offers up quite a few recipe suggestions if you need some inspiration. Plus, they sell a variety of natural beauty products, including some pretty tasty lip balms. Sweet!


  1. that sounds really good, all those flavors. i should have one and then greg can have some in his tea.

  2. I love it! Now I'll have a fun gift for the honey-lovers in my life, made more special because it's from Savannah. Where do you find all these things?



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