Monday, February 25, 2008

Take Brownies to the Edge

When it comes to brownies, I always go for the corner piece. There's something about a crunchy edge that just elevates the entire brownie experience for me. That's why I think this pan qualifies as one of the world's greatest culinary inventions. Made by an Indiana-based company called Baker's Edge, the pan guarantees at least two crunchy sides on every individual brownie serving. Check their Web site for some tasty-looking recipes and find the pan online at


  1. I don't know if I like corner pieces but if i ever need to make a cake or some brownies for a snake i'll keep this in mind!

  2. That is a great find, does CakeSpy know about this?

  3. I SO wrote about this on my blog. Great minds think alike. It is a VERY clever invention. Glad you stopped by twinklebee so I could see your blog :)



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