Sunday, February 10, 2008

Red Gifts Without Romance

Despite the fact that I've been struck by Cupid's arrow, the whole idea of Valentine's Day still makes me cringe. Maybe it's the years of built-up angst towards the day for lovebirds, but other than providing an excuse for excessive chocolate eating, I have no use for the holiday. During my single days, my friends and I even threw anti-Valentine's parties, which included viewings of Old School (the most unromantic movie we could think of) and feasting on unsexy foods such as falafel. In keeping with that disdain, here's my list of five Valentine's Day gifts that don't require a valentine. They are perfectly acceptable for your best girl friend, your mom or even nana, or just shop for yourself and enjoy some chocolate while you're at it.

5. This tea by Harney & Sons tastes like you're drinking a Girl Scouts' Thin Mint cookie. It's decadent without the sugary consequences.

4. Smith's soothing lip balm is shiny red and comes in a new mint rose flavor.

3. These square, red plates from West Elm will brighten up your dining room table.

2. Gap's new suede ballet flats come in a variety of colors, including red. They're also available in blue for all you Elvis fans.

1. How could I make a list of red gifts without including a (RED) item? Treat yourself to the ultimate splurge, a red iPod, and show some love for a great cause.


  1. a shout out! and a video clip of the most amazing song ever! i'm glowing! THAT was the best valentine's gift ever! i miss you and love you, so mucho! The only thing that would have made it better is you here to dance with me and beside me.

  2. you gave my nana a shout out! wow - that is love.

  3. I have to acknowledge my most loyal reader and my other most loyal reader's nana!

  4. Check out Elvis' guitar cake!



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