Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get Your Game On

When throwing a party, I think it's important to have an entertaining activity on hand -- a backup plan if the night gets a little slow. And since I don't have Guitar Hero or a Wii yet, I turn to the ever-faithful board game. I'm not particularly crazy about the medium, other than my nostalgia for Mouse Trap and deep, deep love of Scene It?, but Whoonu is a lot of fun. Made by Cranium, it's a very simple, test-how-well-you-know-your-friends type game. It's great for learning new things about people and has yet to result in one of those ugly, over-competitive, joy-destroying evenings.


  1. but don't you sometimes miss those ugly, over-competitive, joy-destroying evenings? simpler times. simpler times.

  2. i do not miss joy destroying evenings. what about the barbie game?

  3. I knew you girls would understand joy-destroying evenings better than anyone.
    The Barbie game is awesome, and Poindexter is dreamy.



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