Monday, February 4, 2008

Spring, Italian Style

For their spring collection, J. Crew has drawn upon Italy for inspiration. The breezy, bright dresses and colorful cardigans will have you longing for warmer temperatures, gelato and a much deserved vacanza. If you can't make it to Rome, you can at least fool your taste buds with a bowlful of Ciao Bella's creamy chocolate gelato.


  1. i love some of JCrew's new spring designs. It makes me want to add more color to my life! I wonder what clothes I can get Jordan to buy for me...

  2. Oh I love this food and fashion day, let's go see Cinzia this year!

  3. Soho! Too much gelato = no jcrew dresses. How do I balance this duo of temptation?

  4. Dear feelings eater,
    Opt for the chocolate sorbetto instead. It has less than one gram of fat per serving! Or indulge and cover it all up with a cute cardigan.

    Tell me if you get some of these cute dresses. You'll be looking hot as an Italian summer.



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