Saturday, February 23, 2008

An Oscar-Fest Feast

One of my favorite traditions is watching the Oscars with friends, but let's face it, the show is long and people get bored. If you're throwing a party or just having a few people over, it's important to keep your guests happy with entertaining food. If you watch the nominated films looking for menu inspiration, you'll only end up with orange Tic Tacs, milkshakes and French cuisine prepared by rats, so I suggest taking a more imaginative, broader approach. For an Oscar-worthy brunch, serve up There Will Be Blood-y Marys, No Country Ham for Old Men and French toast or crepes in honor of La Vie en Rose, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Ratatouille. And if you must, go ahead and pour a glass of SunnyD for Juno's sake. I know brunch seems a little unconventional for the late night event, but it can work. Serve a great midday meal (or go out for one), hit up one of the nominated films and then head home for the award show fun. Or keep it relatively brief and enjoy those great Oscar moments over breakfast for supper.


  1. SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!
    i like your food ideas with the movie title, that's so funny.
    it's so bad, i don't think i've seen any of the best picture nominees! wait, is "walk hard" nominated?

  2. How about Glaaaadiaaaatttttor, can we get Elizabeth Taylor to present?
    I am out of the movie loop too when The SoHo is not in town. But, Good Eats? I am all for that.

  3. I'm out of it - too weany to even watch most of the movies. But I loved the youtube video - without you, soho I'd miss out on it all! Thanks for keeping me from being totally out of the loop.



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