Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday!

Oh Blogger, why did you implode today? I hope you're all scheduled for restful and happy weekends. My to-do list includes finding a great breakfast sandwich. Are your weekend tasks equally pleasant?

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[yawning otter; spotted on pinterest]


  1. Grr, blogger! That picture is so cute. We've got an open slate this weekend, I want to see Bridesmaids and do a lot of eating of good food. Hope your weekend is great!

  2. aaah i know! blogger! this picture cracks me up. i ALSO want to see bridesmaids. and maybe catch up on a little DVR. the weather looks overcast, so hopefully i'll sneak in some good rainy day naps too:)

  3. I think I'm seeing Bridesmaids too. We'll have to compare notes on Monday.

  4. Too funny...we are seeing Bridesmades tonight.

    Love the picture...made me smile after the bad bad blogger upheaval!!

  5. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Oh, that picture gave me the biggest laugh. Blogger was being a real toot, right? I kind of felt like that this morning.

    Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your search for a breakfast sandwhich. Have you ever tried a fried-egg sandwhich? It's a favorite of ours and very warm and filling for a morning meal.

    Have a lovely weekend!



  6. Yeah, blogger, why did you implode? Still waiting for my comments to return. Oh well! Your otter pic perked me right up!
    Hope you're having a great weekend! Good luck with that breakfast sandwich ;)



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