Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend in Photos

For some reason, there was a lot of eating this weekend, which was silly since I have to fit into a bridesmaid's dress on Saturday, but everything was so tasty, I don't regret it one bit. There will just be some extra elliptical time this week.

There was a little street food fest in Madison Square Park, the perfect time to try out Mexican food cart Calexico. Everything was so good! There was a walk through some beautiful parts of Chelsea, followed by a viewing of Bridesmaids and a late night run to Billy's Bakery for cupcakes and some innocent gawking at their other sweets.

Oh, and I did find a breakfast sandwich that is definitely a contender for the world's best. More on that tomorrow.

Also, we have a giveaway winner!


  1. Yum...I've been eating a lot during the weekend as well and those tulips are so beautiful. Have a great Monday

    P.S: I'm hosting an amazing Fischer's dress Giveaway Reloaded later today! Don't miss it!

  2. You really can't beat mobile food! Sooo good!!

    P.S. I'll be in NYC in 2 weeks, any recommendations?

  3. tacos, teas, and tulips...absolutely perfect :) Glad you had a good weekend! :)

  4. Beautiful. This post is making me veeerry hungry :)

  5. That bakery looks fabulous! Looks like you had a great weekend! By the way your blog is super cute!

  6. I love the looks of your weekend! Did you like "Bridesmaids"? I'm hoping to check it out this weekend.

  7. Looks like a pretty delicious weekend!
    Did you like the movie?

  8. Your weekend looks like it was perfect!!! XO!

  9. I really liked the movie. It was a little dirty, but very funny.

  10. Blast! I'm so sad we didn't get to hang out. Next time for sure, I want to hit up these pretty places with you.

  11. I spent the whole week I was in NYC eating, hard not to!



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