Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend in Photos

This weekend felt like a little adventure. We spent an afternoon wandering through Central Park. There was the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party where ribs were eaten amongst loads of BBQ-lovers, loud music and smokey air. I made dulce de leche for the first time to go along with a batch of ice cream. And best of all, we explored a hidden park, tucked between high-rises in lower Manhattan, that seemed to have the power to transform adults into children with its rock wall and giant slide. How did you spend the weekend?


  1. That BBQ looks so good!!! And I love wandering around Central Park, it's so beautiful. I just wish it were in my back yard!

  2. Love seeing Jonah climbing again! Sounds like a lovely adventure...

  3. Awesome slide photo! A+ from Mrs. Ripple

  4. You always have the most delicious looking weekends!

  5. Aw that really does sound like an adventure. And any activity that can bring out "infant Brooke" as I call her, is worth investigating!


  6. Always look forward to seeing your weekend pics! Mine was work-filled - but I did manage to squeeze in a mani/pedi. Just what I needed :)



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