Friday, June 29, 2012

Thoughts of the Week

I don't think I could handle swimming with jellyfish, even if they don't sting. Eep!

A bright color should be a requirement for a summer cocktail.

It's not like I need more throw pillows in my life, but...

Sweet tributes to the fabulous Nora Ephron.

Pretzels in the pool that won't get soggy.

Art inspired by Mad Men. Zou bisou bisou.

I always choose limeade over lemonade. It just seems more special.

Nautical door knockers for that beach house I plan on owning one day.

Another reason to visit Seattle.

Happy Friday, pals! I hope you have lovely weekends in store. It's gonna be a hot one here.


  1. You have a great weekend, too, Natalie!

  2. I don't know if I could swim with jellyfish either. That kind of creeps me out.

  3. I also do limeaide over lemonaide. Unless there's something special, like raspberries, mixed in!

    It's going to be 100+ here this weekend so we're escaping to Oklahoma (where ironically it will probably be hotter) to a pool!

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog! CUTE! I am your newest follower.

    I have a very similar one as well, all about the NYC lifestyle. Check mine out when you get the chance.

  5. We are pretty excited about our Great Wheel in Seattle! Looking forward to having a scenic ride....although you might have noticed the heavy clouds in the background of most photos..

  6. All good picks for my Friday. Happy weekend!

  7. Someone else who loves limeade? YES! It's the best summer sipper!

  8. A) DUDE, what is with those fingers? No hand? AHHH!

    B) Seattle is so beautiful, but it's flipping cold in June and will remain so until July, which makes early summer there the most. depressing. thing. ever.

    C) Limeade is by far superior, except to sparkling lemonade, which can hold its own.



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