Friday, October 15, 2010

Guest Post: I Heart Denver

When I think of you are my fave, that Chicago song "You're the Inspiration" comes to mind. Melanie is an all-star at finding pretty things, party-throwing and blog wittiness. It's good stuff.

Three Denver faves:
1. Sunshine and blue skies all the time, even if it's freezing the sun is still out. This makes bike rides and eating frozen custard all the better
2. All the conveniences of a big city but close proximity to the mountains and open space.
3. Thanks to the Denver public library I've been able to watch and become addicted to every season of Project Runway. Mondo is a hometown hero.

Three Denver boos:
1. The roadways have caused a lot of flat tires. Either that, or I'm a crappy driver.
2. The Denver Nuggets are all thugs.
3. Nobody comes and visits me. Our couch isn't that uncomfortable.

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