Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Accessories for the Traveler

Kelsey of Pinegate Road is a super-talented graphic designer, who lives in Savannah (woot-woot!). She has an eye for loveliness, particularly if typography is involved, and her color studies are pure eye candy.

Hello! It's Kelsey from Pinegate Road here to fill in for Natalie today! I was thrilled when she contacted me about doing a guest post while she was away, and maybe even a little bit more to reminisce about my times spent abroad over the years. After a little searching, I decided to find a couple of new tried and true items that would be able to travel will you seamlessly to almost any location, but that would also integrate themselves into your life back home as well. I'm all about those items that can multi-task—they save space, time and the hassle! Bon voyage mes amis!

THE DUAL-ACTION CAMERA BAG — I've been on the hunt for the perfect camera bag that would hold my new DSLR camera and act as a purse when I'm out on a photography adventure and I think this might be it! While many of you might not take your camera around with you daily at home, when traveling the camera is almost always a must and this bag can keep it safe while still having enough room for what you need to tote around with you for the day. At home it can act as a nice cross-body bag for shopping at the market, crossing campus, or heading to work—or it can do it's real job and still hold that camera!

THE LARGE PATTERNED SCARF — Have any of your been walking around town for a while, building up a little bit of a glisten (we ladies don't sweat around here, right?) and then you step in to an air conditioned building for a while and things take a little turn to the more antarctic side of the scale? Well that's when a large thin scarf will really come in handy! I carry a variety of these types of scarves in almost all of my bags, and they are such a life-saver—they wrap up to the size of almost nothing and fit in the tiniest places. I love this one with the cute little pom-pom's and geometric print!

THE VERSATILE ANKLE BOOTIE — Wear with a dress? Check. Jeans? Check. Shorts? Check? That romper you may or not be packing? Yep. A versatile bootie will pair with almost any outfit and any kind of weather. With both black and brown hues, you don't need to worry about matching! The shorter heel gives you enough support that your feet won't sink throughout the day, and it isn't high enough that you're crying in pain after a couple miles of walking.

Do you have any must-bring travel accessories or tips?


  1. I definitely need that bag!!!

  2. Ankle boots are the call. I added the Sam Edelman ankle boots in red for my recent travels. They were comfortable and cute. Today they are going to work. Alas, vacation is over.

  3. I can't tell you how much I need that camera bag! so much nicer than what I usually lug around and I don't need to carry 3 camera bodies with me either ;)
    Boots are pretty spectacular too!

  4. that versatile camera bag is drop dead gorgeous, that's all i'm going to say.

  5. I love this! It's so true...the scarf does wonders...especially here in the South'


  6. So gla dyou all enjoyed the round-up and so happy that Natalie invited me over to share this with you all today :)

  7. great post kelsey! i totally want those madewell ankle boots!



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