Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Travel Planning: Capri, Italy

Rebecca from The Daily Muse kindly created this travel post (I hope she does go to Capri, just so I can see the pictures). She blogs about life in New York, healthy and delicious food and her dog, Sam Wiggins, who I'm pretty much obsessed with.

Ed and I have been saving for our next big adventure and the funnest part is (of course!) deciding where to go. I procrastinate by watching too much Food Network and Giada De Laurentiis planted the Capri seed in my head. She's all Capri this and Capri that while making caprese salad, and all I'm thinking is how beautiful the photos would be. I also highly doubt the food will suck.

Besides the hotel and location, we tend to put very little effort into planning a trip. Camera in hand, we walk the city. Ed ensures we don't get lost and I'm in charge of properly packing the backpack. My job is meaningless seeing as how I'm with the human compass, but thanks to me you won't get sunburnt.

Know your role, my well-traveled friends.


  1. Well someone needs to go so we can all see the pictures!!!!!

  2. Lol you're too funny Natalie. My girlfriend and I pick our roles too. She's the driver and compass and I'm always in charge of knowing where to eat and making sure we brought the sunblock Hope you're having an amazing time.

  3. my sister cait and i spent a delicious day in capri when i was 19 and we've been talking about going back ever since. so much that is beautiful.

  4. Haha, Rebecca your posts are always delightful. Love the outfit and love Italy, so ya can't go wrong!

  5. Dreamy. Love your picks, Becca!

  6. Definitely go to Capri. I was there a hundred years ago when I was 16. Southern Italy is amazing. I loved Sorrento and Capri, and Pompeii was incredible. Can't wait to see your photos!!



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