Friday, September 14, 2012

Au revoir!

The big day has finally arrived and come tonight, we're bound for Europe! I'm so excited! I'll be in Paris and London or thereabouts for the next two weeks, but I have some fantastic guest bloggers lined up for you, and I think I'll drop in a time or two to fill you in on my adventures. Can't wait to tell y'all all about it!

Here are a few random things I just can't keep to myself:
Have you seen Sleepwalk With Me? I thought it was funny and sweet and felt authentic. I'd recommend it.
I won't have a kitchen for a while, so someone please make these pumpkin cookies and eat one for me.
Regardless of where I'm going, this song always gets stuck in my head before vacations.
This whale is my new favorite thing ... ever.

Have a wonderful weekend! Be back soon-ish!


  1. Wish you tons of positive energy and an amazing time. Safe travels chica. Ciao ciao.

  2. Have a most fabulous vacation! Can't wait to see you photos!

  3. Paris and London are my two favorite cities! Have you been to Hummingbird bakery of Kensington Creperie in London? Those were my favorites when I lived there. Have a great time!

  4. I have not, Brigette. It's my first time in London or Paris. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Have soooo much fun! Cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back. Count me jealous!

  6. aaah, so excited for you! have a wonderful trip! x

  7. Have fun and stay safe!!! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

  8. Lucky girl! Have a wonderful time in Paris & London. Eat, eat, and eat some more!



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